What are your prices?
Because every individual booking has different requirements, we will organise a quote to suit your needs. Please contact us directly to offer you our best quote.
Can I make a provisional booking?
No. When you inquire, we will make a note in our diary and try to contact you if we receive another inquiry but we cannot guarantee this as we receive hundreds of inquiries each year. The only way to secure us is to pay a deposit.
How do I confirm a booking?
When you make an inquiry, we will send you out a booking form. Please contact us before sending a completed booking form and required deposit to secure your booking. We accept cheques, money orders and EFT. Please make sure we have your booking form if you do an EFT.
How far in advance can I book you?
As soon as you know your wedding date and times, then you can book us! We have bookings 18 months in advance.
When do you need to know our music choices?
If the music is on our repertoire list, then we need to know 2 weeks before. We will contact you then to talk about your big day and discuss your music requirements if we have not heard from you. If you require a special song, then we need to know at least 2 months in advance to allow time to source the sheet music and arrange it for you.
What if one of your members is ill?
Thankfully this rarely happens, but we do have a number of very talented musicians who are able to stand in if required. They are very familiar with our repertoire and will ensure a high standard of performance on the day.
Can I hear you play?
Yes. We have audio samples on our website, and we also have a demo Cd with 30 excerpts of well known wedding songs. Please contact us directly if you would like one. There is a constantly updated list of upcoming concerts/events where you can listen to us live. Alternatively, you can purchase our forthcoming cd.
What will you need on the day?
All we need are 3 armless chairs, approx. 4 x 3 metre level, shaded area, and adequate light to read music by.
My ceremony is on the beach/ there is no shade. How does this affect you?
Unfortunately, we do not play on the beach. Salt air, sand and sun are very corrosive to our instruments and because they are worth tens of thousands of dollars, we will not subject them to these harsh conditions.
There is no shade where our ceremony is, does that matter?
Yes. Unfortunately, we are unable to play in the sun because of the damaging effect on our instruments. We need shade of some sort - a large tree, or a large, stable market umbrella should be sufficient, but it is best to discuss that with us first.
What do you wear?
We wear elegant all black evening attire.

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