If you are looking at music to compliment your wedding ceremony, then we can certainly help. We love helping to create that romantic atmosphere for your ceremony. Here's how it can work:
Generally we will play for 15-20 minutes before the bride is due to arrive so as to create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere for the guests, and to settle the groom's nerves! Whether it's in a church, garden, or your home, you can choose exactly what music we play, or we can choose appropriate background music to suit the day.
Next we will play a special piece as the bride walks down the aisle. We will liaise with the celebrant to ensure that we commence the bridal party entrance song when the bride is ready and time your music perfectly to finish when the bride reaches the groom.
We can also provide music to accompany:
    Rose giving
    Lighting of the candle,
    Sand pouring
    Releasing butterflies/doves
The next formality is the signing of the register. This is often a lovely time to have your favourite piece played in its entirety, or maybe a 'special' song.
Then we will play a more lively celebratory song as you walk back up the aisle and are congratulated by your guests. (Recessional)
The rest is up to you! Whether we stay and play while you are mingling with your guests; entertain them while you are off having photos taken; play again later for pre-dinner drinks and then maybe as background music throughout your meal.
We have 2 demo cds with well known wedding tunes; one with classical pieces, and one with popular songs; or you can listen to some samples on our repertoire page.
Please contact us if you would like the demo Cd's


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